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Mango Framework

A simple, easy to use and powerful framework that combines the best of React, Svelte and Solid in a single solution. And guess what? It's the only modern framework that works on IE5+. Want to be amazed more? It only adds 1.53kb to your code when gzipped.

Quine McCluskey Solver

A web application powered by MUI and React aiming to provide an easy-to-use step-by-step minimizer for any single digital function. It’s designed to be an easy solution for digital design students which makes them able to verify their solutions of minimization problems quickly.

Royal Chess

An open source 2D chess game powered by SDL2 and written in C17. It’s different from most of other SDL2-based games, because all resources are bundled with the game in one executable, in addition to the prevention of images pixelation by including them as SVG files.

Wristies (contract)

An Australian online watches marketplace powered by SvelteKit. Automated scrapers fetch entries from multiple sources. Users still can post their watches directly. Searching and filtering is fast thanks to the high performant backend caching data in runtime memory.